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Medical Specialists

Interested in being a Phlebotomist?

Our Phlebotomy Program

Leverage Academy's  Phlebotomy Technician certification Program teaches students the proper specimen collection techniques for prevention, testing, and diagnosis of diseases. This  program  has flexible online learning combined with advanced hands- on skill training. Students will learn how to perform routine venipunctures, dermal sticks, winged infusion sets, and syringes.


Students have the opportunity to get between 40 – 100 blood draws. It is 5 weeks in length and the online portion must be completed first by the student, then after successfully passing their Final the student would move onto the hands-on lab training with their instructor. After successful completion of the program the student is eligible to sit for the National Phlebotomy Certification Exam. This program is accredited nationally through NPS.

Additional Courses

Phlebotomy Refresher Course

This program meets the needs of students with prior knowledge or experience in Phlebotomy.  This course is  two days and will  focus mainly on the hands -on skill training. Includes supplies and practice kit.

Paramedical Examiner Work Shop

Skills Taught in this Workshop:

  • Performing a complete insurance physical

  • Performing a resting EKG using a Schiller AT-1 mobile EKG machine

  • Medical terminology for taking a detailed medical history

  • Taking accurate blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, chest and waist measurements

  • Urine drug screen collection following chain of custody

  • Mobile phlebotomy (tips from the pros)

  • Explaining your work orders, paramed forms and lab slips

  • How to maximize your earnings by managing your independent contractor schedule

  • How to get started being an independent contractor​​​​​​​


Doctor Wearing Surgical Gloves




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